Small businesses have many options when it comes to office suites

Small businesses and office suites

Small businesses have many options when it comes to office suites

Owning a business is never easy. While Christian entrepreneurs’ faith can help them cope with whatever challenges they face, they are going to want to consider earning one or more business degrees at Christian colleges and universities. Not only will they launch their ventures with a better understanding of the business sector, but they will surely learn about some of the decisions they will have to make as owners.

For instance, whether a business is large or small, it cannot get much done without computers and access to the internet. Once a company begins to grow, owners will need to think about the type of office suite that is best for their business.

Recently, Business Insider pitted Microsoft Office 365 against Google Apps, as these are two of the most popular suites on the market today.

According to Google’s website, the company’s product offers access to Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar, while Microsoft’s website states that Office 365 offers similar services, as well as tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

When deciding between one or the other, the news source suggested it ultimately depends on the type of small business, as well as its goals for the future. However, upon graduation from a Christian university, entrepreneurs may want to go with Google Apps, as the news outlet reported it is best for those who are just starting out.

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