Choosing between two online Christian colleges

Choosing an online Christian college

Choosing between two online Christian colleges

Individuals who have decided to go back to school and earn their degree from an online Christian college are faced with many choices. Initially, coming up with a shortlist of prospective schools can be straightforward, as there are many online Christian universities to choose from. However, some men and women of faith may be faced with the prospect of having to select one of two potential schools.

Weighing the options

Individuals who have found two faith-based universities to choose from may feel conflicted about picking one or the other. However, with some careful consideration and planning, choosing the online Christian college that is right for them does not need to be a challenging decision.

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Firstly, prospective students should choose the school with the best program for them. This means selecting a degree that offers the classes that interest them and will teach them the skills they will need to succeed in the workplace. If both schools offer comparable programs, individuals should examine the kinds of elective courses that are available, in addition to internships and practicum placements.

All about values

Some online Christian colleges and universities make faith a central part of their academic mission. Others identify with the Christian faith in name or heritage only. If believers are studying a theological major or are committed to making faith a core part of their college experience, choosing the school that most closely aligns with their faith is a logical course of action.

However, some students may find that both of their prospective schools share a similar commitment to faith in education. If this is the case, investigating student clubs, societies and extracurricular activities is another step Christians can take to ensure they choose the school that is right for them. Just because an individual chooses to study online does not mean they cannot become a part of a Christian college’s student community.

The power of prayer

Of course, it may be prudent for men and women of faith to take their concerns to God before committing to a decision.

The Bible has much to say on the subject of choices. Proverbs 19:21 reads, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” This means that if the choice is unclear to men and women of faith, praying about the situation may reveal God’s will for their path.

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