Balance leadership and ethics as a Christian business professional

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Balance leadership and ethics as a Christian business professional

Some people mistakenly believe that honesty and financial success are mutually exclusive. This is not necessarily the case. Many ethical, responsible Christian men and women go on to pursue successful careers in the business and financial sector after earning their master of business administration (MBA) degree from an online Christian college.

Striking a balance

While there is nothing wrong with Christian men and women securing a prosperous and successful future for themselves and their family, the Bible warns that the love of money can distract believers from their true calling. Proverbs 22:1 reads, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.” This means that men and women of faith should strive to demonstrate good character and integrity, rather than merely pursue material wealth.

However, in today’s challenging economy, there is certainly nothing wrong with Christians being able to provide a comfortable life for their family. The key issue is to preserve the balance between honest assessment of what they need, and maintaining a biblical perspective on their life and business.

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Doing the right thing

Many economists believe that the financial crisis of 2008 was caused, in part, by unscrupulous business practices at many large banks and financial services organizations. Since then, many companies have re-evaluated what corporate values are important to them. Strong leadership skills combined with an ethical approach to business typically rank highly on many organizations’ list of desirable qualities in prospective hires.

Studying a business degree at online Christian colleges and universities is an excellent way for men and women of faith and integrity to advance their careers without sacrificing their personal values, and many faith-based schools place great emphasis on the value of responsible management. Students may learn about how to make difficult decisions without compromising their personal integrity, and how effective management can make a difference at the organizational level.

At home, at work

Strong and ethical leadership qualities can be useful in many situations, not just the boardroom. Men and women of faith who exhibit personal integrity and demonstrate ethical values can set a positive example for their children, and many men and women of faith who study these principles find that their personal relationships improve as a result. Individuals who want to succeed without compromising on their biblical beliefs should consider enrolling in Christian colleges and universities to learn how to strike a balance between success and service to the Lord.

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