Global skills could define future curricula

Prospective students planning to enroll at online Christian colleges and universities in the near future could see dramatic changes to their curricula as academic institutions seek to prepare graduates to compete in the global workplace, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.


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Global skills could define future curricula

Officials at the U.S. Department of Education (DoE) recently outlined plans to ensure that future graduates have skills in areas such as foreign languages and cultural subjects necessary to secure the U.S. economy in an increasingly globalized job market. Academic experts in the government believe that emphasis must be placed on the importance of intercultural communication skills and the collaboration between individuals of different nationalities.

“We didn’t previously have a strategic framework for the things we would engage in and those that we weren’t going to internationally,” Maureen McLaughlin, the DoE’s director of international affairs, told the news source. “We believe in a deliberative, sustainable, strategic approach to international engagement.”

According to Investors Business Daily, students who want to remain competitive in the global marketplace should think carefully about their career goals before selecting a foreign language program at their university. For example, the increasing importance of trade agreements between the U.S. and Canada have made French skills more valuable in recent years.

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