Psychology and counseling fields a natural fit for military personnel

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Psychology and counseling fields a natural fit for military personnel

While careers in fields such as security and law enforcement are a natural progression for many former military servicemen and women, other individuals are often drawn to careers helping others recover from the rigors of active duty. According to CNN, many former soldiers are entering the psychology and counseling profession to help veterans cope.

Samantha Schilling, a former Naval information systems technician, decided to pursue a career as a military neuropsychologist to help veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) adjust to life as civilians.

“Coming back into civilian life, you’re not the same person you were in the military,” Schilling told the news source. “I’m determined to be able to be helpful to others. I think therapy can help people adapt to civilian life again instead of maladapt.”

Former armed forces personnel are often ideally suited to roles involving psychological counseling. According to CNN Money, a career as a probation officer is another ideal choice for some veterans. These professionals play a vital role in rehabilitating criminals upon completion of their custodial sentences, and men and women of faith with military experience can enroll in Christian colleges and universities to begin their academic journey toward a satisfying career helping others adjust to civilian life.

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