How transferring to another school can affect financial aid

Financial aid

How transferring to another school can affect financial aid

Some students decide that, despite their initial enthusiasm for a Christian university or particular degree program, things are not working out. Transferring to another school is something these individuals may wish to consider, but they must understand that doing so could affect the amount of financial aid they are entitled to.

If men and women of faith hope to apply for a scholarship at the Christian colleges and universities they hope to attend, they may find that their prospective school offers less funding in scholarships for transfer students. Individuals who are relying on these sources of financial aid may want to consider discussing their plans with an admissions adviser at their schools before making any decisions.

However, some Christian colleges allocate scholarships specifically for transfer students. Again, it is worthwhile for individuals considering a transfer to another institution to talk about their plans with their school’s financial aid office before committing to a course of action. Transferring may not necessarily affect an individual’s financial aid eligibility, but given that switching colleges is a substantial change in circumstances, it pays for transfer students to be prepared.

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