College courses that may help students’ careers

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College courses that may help students’ careers

The new year began with the national unemployment rate at 8.3 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this figure fell to 8.1 percent in April, it was back up to 8.3 percent in July. Although these are not the most desirable economic conditions, they should not deter students from enrolling in Christian colleges and universities.

In fact, Forbes states that there are certain courses students can sign up for that may provide them with a career advantage.

For example, those enrolled at a Christian university may want to consider signing up for a statistics class. According to the news source, everyone from business leaders to politicians look at and use data. No matter what type of career students choose to pursue, having a background in numbers can never hurt.

Good communication skills are also essential to students’ long-term success. For this reason, individuals may want to consider taking a communications course so they can learn how to get their point across, whether they are making a speech or relying on a PowerPoint presentation.

Other courses the news outlet considered to be of value were those focused on economics, calculus, financial planning and management, and computer programming.

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