Craft the tools of the future with an IT degree from a Christian university

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Craft the tools of the future with an IT degree from a Christian university

There is little doubt that technology has transformed the ways in which people communicate. Today, software is ubiquitous, and everything from navigation to browsing the web has been made easier and more efficient thanks to smartphones and the mobile web. Individuals who want to work on the cutting edge of technology may want to consider enrolling in an information technology (IT) degree program at Christian colleges and universities to become a software developer.

These professionals write complex software programs using programming languages such as Javascript, C++ and Python. In addition to writing thousands of lines of code, software developers make extensive use of existing snippets of code known as libraries to add custom functionality to their software programs. Individuals who want to pursue careers in software development should be detail-oriented, methodical and logical, and possess an enthusiasm for problem solving.

Upon graduating from Christian colleges and universities, budding software developers can seek employment opportunities with vibrant, dynamic startup companies, or larger established tech giants like Google and Microsoft. While competition for such positions is fierce, individuals with strong technical aptitude and a solid work ethic may find a career in software development to be creatively satisfying and potentially lucrative.

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