Foreign admissions up at American graduate schools

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Foreign admissions up at American graduate schools

Every student pursuing a graduate degree through a Christian university or college is doing so for a different reason. Some individuals are looking to expand their knowledge of a particular field, while others want to become more attractive job candidates in the eyes of employers. While it may not be a top priority, an added bonus to enrolling in graduate programs is the possibility of meeting classmates from other cultures.

Based on the results of a recent survey, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) announced that between 2011 and 2012, the number of graduate admission offers to international students increased by 9 percent. This marks the third consecutive year that foreign individuals have made the decision to continue their studies at an American institution.

“U.S. graduate programs and institutions still enjoy a world-class reputation,” said Debra W. Stewart, president of the CGS.

The largest increase in international admissions offers was among Chinese students, with growth up 20 percent. The number of offers for individuals from the Middle East rose by 17 percent, while admissions for Brazilian students increased by 13 percent.

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