Writing a college transfer essay

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Writing a college transfer essay

No matter what their reasons for choosing another Christian university, transfer students will likely be required to submit an essay outlining why they wish to pursue their education at another institution. Rather than see this as an obstacle they must overcome, transfer students can use this opportunity to highlight their ambitions and long-term academic goals.

It goes without saying that avoiding negativity in a college transfer essay is very important. Instead of listing the reasons students believe their colleges failed them, highlighting mid- to long-term academic objectives and how their prospective Christian college will help them achieve them is a better strategy.

College admissions officials will expect to see that students have at least tried to make the most of their current program, and students may want to indicate which areas they feel will be better served by their prospective schools. It is important for transfer students to remember that, if done so for the right reasons, there is nothing wrong with transferring to another Christian university.

Focusing on personal accomplishments, providing admissions officials with evidence of a long-term educational strategy and an impartial explanation of why they want to transfer are all good points to include in a transfer essay.

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