Students can use their smartphone to manage their finances

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Students can use their smartphone to manage their finances

When students of faith enroll in Christian colleges and universities, they have an opportunity to receive the knowledge and skills they desire in a way that aligns with their spiritual and intellectual needs. Unfortunately, if they have never been very good at managing their finances, their college career could come to an abrupt end.

If students feel as though they would benefit from a little assistance managing their finances while enrolled in a Christian university, and they own a smartphone, they may want to consider how mobile apps can help. makes a mobile app that USA Today recently highlighted on its list of back-to-school programs device owners may want to use in their downtime.

According to Mint’s website, the app is available for both Apple and Android devices and allows users to manage their finances in a simple and secure way, right in the palm of their hand. The program can link to students’ bank accounts, credit cards and any loans they may have taken out so that it can best cater to their unique spending and saving goals.

As Mint constantly updates users on matters related to their spending, including bill reminders and tips on saving money, they may be able to get through college without having to worry about depleting their savings by the end of their first semester.

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