Learn how to become better nurses by analyzing nursing home data

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Learn how to become better nurses by analyzing nursing home data

Sometimes, when individuals are elderly or have physical or mental disabilities, their loved ones feel it is better for them to live in a nursing home. Here, they have an opportunity to receive the type of around-the-clock care they require. If students of faith have a desire to help improve the quality of these patients’ lives, they can enroll in a Christian university, earn the necessary credentials and become a registered nurse in a residential care facility.

What prospective nurses need to know is that not all nursing homes provide the best care they possibly can. One area some facilities need to place a greater focus on is workers’ hygiene and efforts to make it harder for infections to spread. The New York Times recently highlighted data that showed in 2009, almost 12 percent of nursing homes were plagued with hand hygiene deficiencies.

While a lack of hand hygiene is troubling, there are ways for future nursing home workers to make sure they are caring for patients to the best of their abilities. In addition to enrolling in Christian colleges and universities, these individuals can use online tools, such as Nursing Home Inspect, which was created by ProPublica, a nonprofit organization.

When individuals use this tool, they can read about the types of deficiencies at nursing homes nationwide. This, in turn, can help them know what they need to do in order to become better nurses.

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