IT professionals may be able to find telecommuting jobs

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IT professionals may be able to find telecommuting jobs

Thanks to modern technology, many individuals can have a successful day at work without having to leave their home. Some employees exchange important information through email and text-based chats, while others actually see one another using voice and video services. Either way, graduates of Christian colleges and universities may be able to land a job several states – or even countries – away, thanks to telecommuting.

Information technology is one field that lends itself well to telecommuting, Fox Business reported. This is due in part to the nature of certain positions in this industry.

“Analysts, programmers, web developers, help desk staff can work remotely,” Norbert Kubilus, president of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, told the news source. “If people are responsible for the maintenance of a server, that can be done remotely, but you also have to have people who are hands-on to take care of installation and so on.”

Whether graduates of a Christian university hold a degree in information technology or another subject, they may want to look into the benefits of telecommuting. According to CBS MoneyWatch, working from home has been linked to increased productivity and employee morale, as well as output of a higher quality.

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