Work to promote good health as a Christian missionary


Work to promote good health as a Christian missionary

Many people think that missionaries only promote the truth of God’s word. While evangelizing is an important part of a Christian missionary’s calling, these brave and noble individuals often do much more than spread the Gospel. Individuals who want to help people work toward a better life for themselves and their children can enroll in ministry degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to become Christian aid workers.

What do these individuals do?

One of the most important tasks a Christian aid worker can undertake is the promotion of health and wellness initiatives in areas stricken by sickness and disease. The Third World is one such region where many of the conveniences and advances of modern medicine are not as easy to come by. Children can be affected by diseases that are easily cured in the West, including cholera from contaminated water supplies, and malaria carried by mosquitos. Christian aid workers often help build clinics, install clean water supplies and irrigation systems for local agriculture, and work with agencies such as the Red Cross to carry out vaccination initiatives.

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How can individuals become Christian aid workers?

Enrolling at Christian colleges and universities is a step in the right direction for individuals who wish to make a real difference in the world as a Christian missionary. Degree programs in ministry, outreach and even nonprofit operations are all valid places to begin such journeys, as many Christian aid workers receive extensive training prior to being sent to all corners of the world.

From the front lines working in communities ravaged by natural disasters and disease outbreaks to coordinating the operation from behind the scenes, there are many ways for Christian men and women to help aid organizations promote the Gospel and help people in need. Any aid operation, especially large-scale groups such as the Red Cross, need extensive logistical support and coordination efforts. Individuals who are going back to a Christian university after many years in the workforce may find that their professional experience could be put to good use as a Christian aid worker.

How can aspiring aid workers find opportunities?

Once individuals have the appropriate qualifications or training, there are many places they can seek opportunities to help as an aid worker. Many organization’s websites list available positions online, including the Red Cross and Christian Aid. Alternatively, men and women of faith may want to consider discussing their plans with the faculty of the ministry degree program at their Christian college, as these individuals may have connections to local or regional organizations in need of committed aid workers.

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