Northwest Nazarene University Celebrates 100 Years of Academia with Community Website

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NNU celebrates 100 years of academic excellence with community website for sharing stories.

“… And yet I will show you a more excellent way.” (1 Cor. 12:13b NKJV) From this verse comes the theme for Northwest Nazarene University’s centennial celebration. One hundred years of academic excellence following a path and purpose charted by humility, faith and the Kingdom of God.

Always forward thinking in the Wesleyan tradition, this institution of higher education is honoring a history of sacrifice and genuine commitment to academic rigor with a community website that brings students and faculty together, past and present. Visit and enjoy photos, stories, and a historic timeline. The stories range from entertaining, like the Hagood Heist in which students tell a story of how they took a portrait of President Hagood on a spring break journey through the west; to the truly endearing Memories of Chapel, where a previous student recalls two of the most memorable chapel sermons by former educators.

Jaren Rowell, class of 1983 recalls an inspiring moment in an introductory to Christian ministry class taught by Dr. A.E. Sanner where the concept of a lifetime of learning and service and the challenge that lay ahead had a profound impact. At the climax of a rousing message, with tears in his eyes, Dr. Sanner called upon his eager students to never give up that inner desire to teach and learn, “keep the stars of a dream shining.” Something happened that day to Jeren that later would hang on the words of Charles Wesley, also delivered by Dr. Sanner, “Let us unite the two so long disjoined: knowledge and vital piety.”

From the annual Wesley Center Conference that attracts Bible scholars from around the world, to the expanding and cutting-edge online programs, to the community of support, leadership and love, Northwest Nazarene has much to celebrate. Friends, alumni, students, faculty and staff are invited to share a story by visiting the website. Or better yet, get to know the university on a personal level through memorable experiences shared by others who found more than an excellent education, they found their love of learning to be rewarded with unerring faith in the Kingdom of God.

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