Ways to meet new people as a transfer student

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Ways to meet new people as a transfer student

Transferring from one Christian university to another is a decision that many men and women of faith make when they realize that their present college is no longer meeting their academic needs. However, even for older students, joining a new class after one or more semesters can prove challenging from a social perspective. Students may have already begun to form friendships, and transfer students may feel anxious about transferring into a new degree program as a result. However, transferring to a new Christian college does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. Here are just a few ways that transfer students can make connections with their new classmates:

Prayer groups

Nothing brings men and women of faith together like a prayer group. Christian colleges and universities are often home to several such groups both on and off campus, and transfer students can make new friends and get to know their classmates at these gatherings. In the unlikely event that transfer students’ new institution does not currently have any prayer meets established, there is nothing stopping them from launching their own.

Individuals interested in beginning a prayer group can talk to the facilities manager of their school to inquire about the use of college property, or even open up their home or dorm room if university premises are unavailable.

Church services

Many Christian colleges and universities are located in towns and cities with one or more church congregations. As such, transfer students may want to attend a service at a local church that aligns with their beliefs – chances are, at least a few students from their new university will be in attendance. Alternatively, transfer students can ask their fellow classmates which church they go to, and maybe attend a service with them.

Bible study sessions

What better way is there for men and women of faith to get to know their peers and share the Word of the Lord than at a Bible study session? For individuals enrolled in ministry or theological degree programs, these study groups will be easy to locate. Some may be held on campus, while others might be located at a student’s home. As with prayer groups, Bible study sessions are an ideal way for men and women of faith who are transferring to a new school to bond with their classmates over common interests, and meet other potentially influential faculty members and church leaders.

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