Become an emergency management specialist after serving in the military

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Become an emergency management specialist after serving in the military

Former servicemen and women may be wondering how to leverage the skills they acquired during their military careers in civilian life. Depending on their areas of expertise, men and women with a background in the military can progress to a wide range of career paths. For individuals with strong management skills and experience of working under pressure, a career as an emergency management specialist could be an ideal fit.

What do these professionals do?

Emergency management specialists are responsible for a wide range of tasks, depending on the agency for which they work. Individuals affiliated with organizations such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can work in a variety of roles, including disaster response preparedness training, the planning of state and local emergency protocols, liaising with law enforcement and emergency services personnel, and assessment of potential threats to the stability of local and regional infrastructure in the wake of terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other catastrophes.

How can servicemen and women become emergency management specialists?

While some Christian colleges and universities offer degree programs specifically tailored to the unique needs of aspiring emergency management personnel, military members may find that their previous experience lends itself well to this career path. As such, veterans can consider enrolling in a more general major, such as management, to build on the skills they acquired during their military service.

Alternatively, individuals seeking positions in emergency management can pursue careers in law enforcement at the state and federal level, which often offer training programs in disaster response and preparedness training. Emergency management is a diverse and complex field requiring many skills, and as such no two career paths may be the same. Individuals who want to enter this demanding and rewarding career may want to discuss their plans with the admissions advisers at their prospective Christian colleges and universities prior to making any decisions.

What are the prospects of this field?

Aspiring emergency management specialists could find themselves in an enviable position after graduation. Data from PayScale indicates that emergency management specialists can earn between $36,011 and $94,960 per year.

While up-to-date information on the projected demand for these professionals has not yet been compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it seems likely that these professionals will continue to be in high demand due to the ongoing threat of natural disasters and other catastrophes.

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