Veterans can put their training to use as management consultants

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Veterans can put their training to use as management consultants

There are many careers in the civilian sector that are a good fit for former military personnel, but veterans may want to consider their strengths before embarking on a new career path. Individuals with leadership experience may find that working as a management consultant is an ideal fit for their personality type, professional background and career goals. Enrolling in a business degree program at Christian colleges and universities is a great place to start.

All about efficiency

One aspect of the military that translates well to the civilian sector is that of operational efficiency. In today’s challenging financial climate, organizations realize that they cannot afford to waste time, money or other resources moving in a direction that will not benefit the company. As such, many firms decide to employ the services of management consultants to help them align their operational procedures with wider corporate objectives.

Individuals with management experience in the military are often ideal candidates for consultancy work. Their time spent in the armed forces provides them with firsthand experience of working in a large, multi-faceted organization, and their familiarity with the chain of command allows them to identify areas of opportunity in terms of improvements.

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A solid career choice

Working as a management consultant is not just one career that enables veterans to make use of their armed forces experience. These professionals typically command highly competitive salaries, and the outlook for management consultants is equally attractive.

Data from PayScale suggests that, on average, management consultants earn between $54,180 and $169,625 per year, making it one of the more lucrative fields that former servicemen and women can pursue after completing their military service. Many individuals in this line of work choose to do so on a freelance basis, providing their services to organizations in need of streamlining before moving on. This affords them a great deal of flexibility.

As the continuing economic uncertainties place companies under increasing amounts of pressure, the need for skilled management consultants is greater than ever. In fact, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for these professionals is expected to increase by 22 percent through 2020, faster than the national average of 14 percent.

Making it happen

Former servicemen and women who want to pursue careers as management consultants can do so by enrolling in business degree programs at Christian colleges and universities. Many professionals choose to earn graduate-level qualifications upon completion of their undergraduate degrees, but this is by no means mandatory to succeed in management consulting.

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