Jobseekers worldwide want to work for Google

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Jobseekers worldwide want to work for Google

When students enroll at Christian colleges and universities, they may know the type of field they would like to enter, but do not yet have an ideal employer in mind. Others start college with a very clear sense of their career goals, including the company they will apply to for work toward the end of their studies. Either way, it can never hurt for degree seekers to start thinking about their professional goals early in their college career.

If students have a clear sense of the employer they would most like to work for, they may want to see what kind of competition they will be facing when it comes time to look for jobs. They can start by looking at Universum’s recently released list of the world’s most attractive employers.

According to a Universum press release, the employer branding company reviewed the preferences of more than 144,000 jobseekers to create their list. Students of faith who have an interest in pursuing a business degree at a Christian university may benefit from knowing that Google was found to be the world’s most desired employer in the business category. The teach giant was followed by names such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and J.P. Morgan.

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