Former military personnel can make a difference as US marshals

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Former military personnel can make a difference as US marshals

Individuals leaving active duty in the military can choose to pursue a range of career paths in the civilian sector. Men and women with combat experience are highly valued in many fields, particularly that of law enforcement. Former servicemen and women who want to continue serving their country as civilians can enroll in criminal justice degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to become U.S. marshals.

What do these professionals do?
Members of the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) perform a unique role in the criminal justice system. These brave men and women are responsible for a range of law enforcement responsibilities, including the pursuit and apprehension of fugitives, security details aboard commercial aircraft, liaising closely with agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the processing of illegal immigrants, and serving as security personnel in judicial cases in which witnesses are in need of protection.

The USMS is also the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the U.S., having been established in 1789. Individuals with military experience often make ideal U.S. marshals due to their personal discipline, excellent physical fitness, extensive combat and firearms training and desire to serve their country.

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How can individuals become US marshals?
Enrolling in a criminal justice degree program at Christian colleges and universities is an ideal first step for former servicemen and women to take if they hope to join the ranks of the U.S. marshals. Applicants to this kind of federal law enforcement agency are expected to possess a keen understanding of topics such as criminal law, the judicial system, basic criminal psychology and a range of other subjects commonly taught in criminal justice degree programs.

Aspiring U.S. marshals should be aware that competition for available positions is fierce, due to the competitive salary and benefits, as well as the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles. However, members of the armed forces are often considered favorably by agencies such as the USMS and ICE due to their combat experience and rigorous training. Although it is not a formal requirement, many individuals hoping to work for the USMS possess master’s degrees in addition to their undergraduate qualifications in criminal justice.

What is the next step?
After earning their criminal justice degree from a Christian university, aspiring U.S. marshals will be expected to pass a range of examinations designed to assess their situational judgement, physical fitness and psychological profile. While the demands of this testing can be intense, the rewards can be great, especially for individuals who feel strongly about protecting their country.

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