Pin down the right job with Pinterest

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Pin down the right job with Pinterest

These days, it is hard for people not to see the appeal of the internet’s various social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One of the web’s newer platforms is Pinterest, which has the potential to be a helpful tool for students looking to land a job before they graduate from their Christian university.

Essentially, Pinterest allows users to take appealing pictures they find on the internet and post them on online pinboards that others can see. According to the Pinterest website, people can use the pinboards to do everything from organizing recipes to planning weddings.

Recently, Mashable reported that Pinterest has a new use – helping users land a job. Surely, many hiring managers grow tired of sorting through the same types of resumes after awhile. Students can use Pinterest to share their academic credentials, professional experience and hobbies visually, rather than through words.

For instance, jobseekers could pin pictures of the Christian colleges they have attended, or post an image of a professional in the field they would like to enter. As Pinterest is used by people far and wide, students’ visual resumes have the potential to be viewed by more than just the companies to which they are applying.

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