Graduates can bring it all together as an event planner

Business Degrees from Christian Colleges and Christian Universities

Graduates can bring it all together as an event planner

Men and women of faith who are pursuing business degrees at Christian colleges and universities can make their organizational skills work for them after graduating by becoming event planners. These professionals play an instrumental role in helping shape a wide range of events, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to large corporate retreats and musical concerts.

A finger on the pulse
Planning any event, no matter how large or small, requires organizational skills, impeccable timing and the ability to handle a range of tasks simultaneously. Depending on the scale of the event in question, some financial planning may also be required, meaning a business degree from a Christian university is an ideal qualification for individuals aspiring to become meeting, convention and event planners.

Solid communication skills are vital in this role, as event planners are responsible for ensuring that deliveries are made on time, reservations are booked, helping other managers understand the scale of the event and other tasks. Many event planning professionals also possess strong sales skills, as negotiation over rates and soliciting bids from third parties are an important part of the job.

Like-minded professionals
Although event planners are often the unsung heroes of a successful conference, concert or private function, they are not alone. In fact, aspiring event planners may want to contact organizations such as the Event Planners Association (EPA) upon completion of their business degree to make valuable connections with other professionals in the industry. The EPA also offers a range of certifications to bolster individuals’ resumes, including several safety certificates. Other organizations aspiring event planners may want to investigate include the International Special Events Society and Meeting Professionals International.

Making it happen
Upon earning their qualification from a Christian college, aspiring event planners can choose to work for a specific organization, church or nonprofit. Alternatively, some motivated individuals choose to strike out on their own and establish companies themselves.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, many business owners transition into events management after working for themselves for several years. Running a business is an ideal way to prepare for the rigors of planning events professionally, as small business owners are more likely to be involved in several aspects of commercial operations, including sales, customer service and financial management.

Individuals who want to put their organizational and business skills to use can embark upon exciting and fast-paced careers in the event planning industry, and a business degree from a Christian university is a great place to begin.

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