Christian missionaries can make a difference that will last a lifetime


Christian missionaries can make a difference that will last a lifetime

There are few better ways for men and women of faith to make a lasting difference in people’s lives than by teaching children in impoverished areas. Individuals who feel passionately about investing in future generations can enroll at Christian colleges and universities to become educational mission workers.

Helping people help themselves
Education is vital to the economic and social success of any nation. Without adequate schooling, children are at greater risk of poverty, making social mobility very difficult. In some countries, access to quality education is out of reach for many children, hindering their chances of improving their lives and securing jobs in the future. By building schools and even teaching children from less privileged backgrounds, men and women of faith can make a lasting difference that will help kids learn the skills they need to improve their lives and, ultimately, those of their own children.

Helping others is one of the most important biblical principles. This is evident in verses such as Philippians 2:4, which reads, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” This means that men and women of faith should strive to help those in need and consider ways in which they can invest in the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

An urgent need
Millions of children around the world lack access to even the most rudimentary education. According to UNICEF, more than 100 million children worldwide do not attend school on a regular basis, many of whom are affected by severe poverty, civil war and other factors that restrict their access to basic education. In light of figures like these, it is clear that unless action is taken, millions of children will continue to slip through the cracks.

Reaching out
Individuals who want to become missionaries can enroll in education degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to learn how to spread not only the gospel of Jesus Christ but also the knowledge and skills children need to succeed. Individuals with teaching experience are needed in many countries around the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil and the Philippines.

Once individuals have earned their teaching qualifications, there are several ways for them to find opportunities to serve the Lord by educating less fortunate children. Websites such as are a valuable resource for aspiring educators to identify missions opportunities, and organizations such as Wycliffe are always in need of skilled and compassionate teachers.

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