Christians can embark on exciting careers in web design

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Christians can embark on exciting careers in web design

The landscape of the internet is constantly changing. From the ratification of the HTML 5 standard to the growing popularity of responsive design, internet technology is one of the most rapidly developing fields today. Christians who want to work at the forefront of this evolving sector can enroll in information technology (IT) degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to launch careers in web design and development.

Sophisticated web experiences
The prevalence of smartphones and tablet computers have made clean, intuitive web design more important than ever before. Whereas once it was acceptable for companies to have a rudimentary online presence, today, users expect clean interfaces, interconnectivity with their mobile devices and an aesthetically pleasing web browsing experience.

The introduction of technologies such as HTML 5 mean that web designers have more tools at their disposal to create compelling and rewarding websites that use sophisticated design elements combined with clean and efficient code. Individuals hoping to enter the rapidly changing field of web design will have to master a variety of skills, from design to coding. In the past, the two fields of web design and development were distinctly different, but today, many web professionals blend these two skill sets to maximize their employment prospects.

An interdisciplinary approach
Web design refers to the visual and aesthetic aspects of websites, from page layouts to visual identity and branding. Web development, on the other hand, refers to the way in which websites respond to user input, utilizing programming languages such as Javascript to enable users to submit searches and personal information and retrieve relevant data. Most of these interactions take place at the server level, or back end.

IT degree programs are an ideal way for students to acquire skills such as HTML coding, the principles of designing using cascading style sheets (CSS), programming languages such as Javascript and PHP, and image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop. Some degree programs combine the fields of design and development into a single course of study, while others differentiate between the two, enabling students to specialize in one area or the other.

Once students have chosen whether they want to work as designers or developers, they can pursue relevant qualifications that will enable them to seek work with design studios or strike out on their own. In today’s competitive IT landscape, many individuals choose to work as freelancers to maximize their employment prospects and work for a diverse range of clients.

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