Veterans can embark on rewarding careers as social workers

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Veterans can embark on rewarding careers as social workers

Individuals transitioning from careers in the armed forces to civilian life have many options before them. Caring for former servicemen and women is something that many veterans feel passionately about, and individuals who want to help other members of the military settle into rewarding and satisfying lives as civilians can enroll in Christian colleges and universities to become social workers.

Serving those who served
Many government programs exist to aid veterans in their transition to civilian life. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently launched its Mental Health Hiring Initiative to create more than 1,600 mental health jobs to serve veterans returning from military service. Former servicemen and women are uniquely suited to pursuing jobs in mental health social work, as they understand the rigors of duty in the armed forces and how serving in the military can have a substantial impact on soldiers’ mental health and overall well-being.

To achieve its goal, the VA has partnered with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to create a series of training programs aimed at individuals who have earned their graduate degree in mental health counseling, social work and other related disciplines. After completing their studies at Christian colleges and universities, former servicemen and women can take advantage of these programs to secure employment with organizations affiliated with the VA and care for soldiers returning from active duty.

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A vital support network
Social workers provide veterans with a range of services designed to help servicemen and women adjust to civilian life following completion of their military service. Social work professionals can assist veterans with securing suitable housing, applying for federal benefits, marital and relationship counseling, coping with drug and substance abuse problems, handling mental health conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder, and a range of other services.

These professionals are also responsible for the identification of individuals at risk of homelessness, drug abuse, and those who may exhibit signs of suicidal behavior. These professionals are often actively involved in social advocacy campaigns focusing on matters of interest to veterans, including increasing access to federal benefits, governmental lobbying, fundraising and the development of education programs for returning soldiers.

Social workers are crucial in ensuring that veterans who bravely served their country are given the support and encouragement they need when returning to civilian life. Individuals who want to help others successfully transition from active duty can enroll at Christian colleges and universities to begin their journey.

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