Help organizations achieve worthy goals with a degree in nonprofit management

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Help organizations achieve worthy goals with a degree in nonprofit management

There are literally tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations working to effect real change in several different areas. From homelessness and substance abuse counseling to education advocacy and social justice, nonprofit organizations occupy a unique space in today’s business landscape. While the work of these groups is often noble, nonprofits face similar challenges as commercial enterprises. Individuals who want to apply their business acumen to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems can enroll at Christian colleges and universities to become nonprofit management professionals.

Expert insight
Many aspiring business professionals overlook the nonprofit sector as they mistakenly believe that, opposed to private for-profit companies, earning potential and career advancement are not as prevalent. However, simply because an organization works to promote worthy causes or advocate for people in need does not mean that management of these groups is any less fulfilling or rewarding than working in the private sector.

This is especially true of larger nonprofit organizations such as Oxfam, the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund. These groups often require individuals with superior management skills from a variety of business areas, including marketing and public relations, finance and fundraising, and human resources. Without skilled professionals with management backgrounds, these organizations could not do the work they do and continue to serve a variety of interests.

Specialized education
Individuals who want to work in nonprofit management can enroll in business degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to learn the fundamentals that apply to both the private and nonprofit sectors. Faith-based colleges often offer specialized degree programs that cater to students who want to work in this area, and provide individuals with a range of specialist elective courses to further develop students’ understanding of the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations.

In order to secure management positions within nonprofit groups, individuals will often be required to possess a master’s degree. Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, students can further refine their academic experience to reflect their personal interests, whether they are in homeless advocacy, social justice, public health or another field.

After earning their credentials, aspiring nonprofit management professionals can join organizations such as the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the Society for Nonprofit Organizations. These groups provide ongoing support, training and development opportunities to forward-thinking individuals who want to maximize their impact in their chosen area of expertise.

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