Useful apps for psychology majors

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Useful apps for psychology majors

Smartphone applications have revolutionized how people share and access information. There are numerous apps that could prove useful for individuals enrolling in psychology degree programs at Christian colleges and universities.

As a primarily theoretical field, psychology involves a great deal of memorization. To study more effectively, students can download Psych Test Hero, an inexpensive app that serves as a study aid to improve memorization of psychological concepts. In addition to more generalized material, Psych Test Hero also includes extensive data and test questions on numerous specializations of psychology, which makes it ideal for undergraduate or graduate-level qualifications.

PsychExplorer is another app that students may find invaluable during their studies. This software program offers psychology majors a world of information at their fingertips, including podcasts, research papers, breaking news in the field, interviews with prominent psychologists and more. Featuring an intuitive interface and a huge volume of data, psychology majors should download this app early in their academic careers.

Of course, psych majors will be expected to write a lot of reports and research papers during the course of their degree program. Psych Guide, a free app, enables students to conduct research on specific areas of psychology easily and quickly, serving as a one-stop survival guide for psychology majors.

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