How are transfer credits evaluated?


How are transfer credits evaluated?

Individuals who choose to pursue their degree at another Christian university may not know exactly how the credits they earned will transfer to their prospective colleges. While evaluation procedures will vary from one university to the next, many have similar approaches to assessing transfer students’ earned credits.

For example, most Christian colleges will accept a maximum of 60 credits from prospective transfer students. These credits will usually be assessed by the number of credit hours a student earned prior to making the decision to transfer. Some courses of study, particularly those in scientific disciplines, may be worth more credit hours than others. Lab courses are typically worth slightly more credit hours at many Christian colleges.

For many schools, transfer credits can only represent approximately half of the total number of credit hours necessary to graduate. As such, prospective transfer students should consider switching schools in their sophomore year or earlier in order to maximize the number of credits they can apply toward their new degree program.

Something else transfer students should consider is that most schools will not allow transfer students’ GPA to apply toward their future course of study, but may expect a minimum GPA threshold of their transfer students. At most colleges, the expected GPA will be around 3.0.

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