Christian relief organizations assist victims of Hurricane Sandy

The awesome destructive power of Hurricane Sandy has devastated communities across the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. With millions left without power and large swathes of the coastline leveled by the storm, the need for swift response and rescue action is great. According to The Christian Post, relief organizations are deploying thousands of people to aid survivors of the disaster.

Groups such as the Salvation Army have already begun working to help those affected by the hurricane, and organizations such as the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team have also started deploying aid workers to regions hit hardest by the storm.

“We will have teams on the ground within 24 hours of the hurricane’s passing,” read a statement from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, as quoted by the news source. “Please pray for safety in travel for the chaplain coordinators who will be driving the mobile units, and the volunteer chaplains coming from around the country.”

According to ABC Action News, the American Red Cross has already deployed approximately 1,300 people to various parts of the Northeast to aid in disaster relief efforts. Around 160 emergency services vehicles have been sent to the Washington, D.C. area alone, and more than 230,000 ready-to-eat meals have been dispatched to the region.

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