Become the architect of your future with an IT degree

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Become the architect of your future with an IT degree

In today’s challenging economy, there are very few career paths that could be considered recession-proof. However, jobs in information technology (IT) are always available for skilled and qualified candidates. Individuals who want to invest in their future and secure exciting and dynamic careers in the technology sector can enroll in IT degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to become system architects.

What do systems architects do?
Systems architects design information networks and data systems for large companies. These professionals work primarily in the field of enterprise IT, which involves computer systems that can process huge volumes of data, support a large number of end users and handle the complex information needs of big companies, or enterprises.

In addition to basic IT skills such as networking, systems architects must also know how to use enterprise IT frameworks such as Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (CoBIT) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). These frameworks allow systems architects to design, implement and control the structure of an organization’s IT systems in a flexible manner that can be scaled to meet the needs of a specific company.

What are job prospects like for systems architects?
As the IT sector is in constant need of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, systems architects are in high demand.

“Nothing has been hotter that architecture jobs and skills in the last few years,” David Foote, chief executive officer and chief research officer at Foote Partners, told Inside Tech. “System, network, application, data, information, security, solutions and, of course, enterprise architects – they will still be hot commodities long after the economy improves.”

This trend has been observed in virtually all aspects of the IT sector. In an article published by Computerworld, State Street’s Chief Information Officer Chris Perretta said that the boundaries between IT and business are blurring together, and that infrastructure and enterprise IT management are more important than ever.

How can individuals pursue careers as systems architects?
The field of enterprise IT management and systems architecture is highly technical and requires a range of skills. Individuals hoping to pursue careers in this sector can enroll in computer science and IT degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to learn the skills necessary to succeed in this challenging field. Many systems architects also hold master’s degrees in computer science or related disciplines, and as such, aspiring IT professionals may want to consider earning a graduate-level qualification upon completion of their undergraduate studies.

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