Bring hope to schoolchildren worldwide as a Christian missionary


Bring hope to schoolchildren worldwide as a Christian missionary

Without access to education, it is difficult for people to succeed. Children in some of the poorest countries in the world often have to work to support their families instead of attending school, and this cycle of poverty can continue for generations. Individuals who feel passionately about improving the lives of children worldwide can enroll in ministry degree programs at Christian colleges and universities to become educational outreach workers.

More than just books
In developing nations, many people live in rural agricultural areas. As such, it can be difficult for government agencies to provide these regions with even the simplest infrastructure, including schools. Without access to basic education, children in such areas face a difficult future. Fortunately, many Christian organizations in the U.S. realize the need for and importance of education in poverty-stricken countries around the world, and are actively working to change people’s lives for the better.

One such organization is Worldwide Christian Schools (WCS). Founded in 1987, WCS is a consortium of Christian and faith-based groups that is dedicated to building schools in foreign countries, supplying them with the equipment and materials children need to succeed and training dedicated men and women of faith to serve as educational outreach missionaries. Without the tireless work of groups such as WCS, many children would not have access to the schooling that can make a real impact on their future.

Cross-cultural communication
Many people assume Christian missions workers merely need to overcome a language barrier when serving the Lord in other countries. However, some people do not realize that the need for effective and understanding cross-cultural communication is vital to the success of international missions work.

Individuals who feel called to do God’s work by building schools or teaching in foreign nations can learn these skills at Christian colleges and universities. Ministry degree programs can prepare men and women of faith for the rigors of serving abroad, including how to work with locals to achieve common goals and spread the truth of Christ’s message of salvation. Many Christian colleges and universities are also networked with organizations such as Serving in Mission and Global Frontier Missions.

These groups are always in need of dedicated servants of Christ who want to do His will and serve in other countries, making studying at a faith-based institution an important networking opportunity for Christians as well as an investment in their future.

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