Students can make a good impression by avoiding networking mistakes

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Students can make a good impression by avoiding networking mistakes

If students of faith plan to attend a Christian university, they are likely doing so to enhance their chances of landing a better job in their preferred field. If this is the case, degree seekers will want to begin their job search before graduation so they can earn their diploma and hit the ground running.

As many of these individuals are sure to network throughout their collegiate careers, they want to make sure they are prepared to make contacts that could open the door to professional opportunities. After all, no one wants to be in an ideal networking scenario and fail to make a great impression.

According to The Huffington Post, everybody – including introverts – must be ready to go outside their comfort zone and be assertive. However, being outgoing does not mean it is OK to be rude or overly aggressive. When networking, individuals should never barge into a conversation or interrupt people, no matter how comfortable they may feel.

At the same time, students who network should not expect to see immediate results. Relationships take time to develop, and individuals must be prepared to help others before they can receive career assistance.

As many students have accounts on social media websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, they also have several opportunities to network online. However, many of the same rules that apply to in-person networking should be followed on the web. For instance, advises jobseekers to avoid being overly aggressive or pushy, as it can damage their reputation.

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