Create engaging web applications as a PHP developer

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Create engaging web applications as a PHP developer

In terms of job growth and career diversity, few fields can compare to information technology (IT). With public demand for web-based software applications at an all-time high, the need for skilled software developers has never been greater. Individuals who want to launch exciting careers in IT can enroll at Christian colleges and universities to become PHP developers.

What is PHP?
PHP, which is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side scripting language that enables developers to create dynamic web pages and applications. PHP is considered to be an embedded scripting language, which means it can be incorporated directly into the HTML code of a website to provide interactivity.

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages used today, and data from suggests that, as of 2007, more than 20 million websites and 1 million web servers use PHP code. The scripting language is also an integral part of the LAMP system architecture used to deploy web applications.

What do aspiring PHP developers need to know?
Individuals hoping to learn PHP need to possess a keen understanding of the difference between client-side and server-side scripting, and IT degree programs at Christian colleges and universities are an ideal place for aspiring developers to learn about these key networking concepts. In addition to knowledge of how the internet works, individuals hoping to master PHP will also need to learn HTML coding, the language of the web.

PHP code can be run from either the command line or a graphical user interface (GUI) application, so students enrolling in IT degree programs should familiarize themselves with the basics of these operations. If individuals have experience using an object-oriented programming language such as Javascript or Linux tools like Bash scripting, learning PHP may be substantially easier, as many of the underlying concepts are similar.

What are the prospects like for PHP developers?
According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for web development professionals is expected to increase by 22 percent through 2020, faster than the national average of 14 percent. Although web development encompasses many skill sets, not just PHP, the future looks bright for talented web developers.

In addition, working as a PHP developer can be quite lucrative. Data from PayScale suggests that the average salary for workers in this field ranges from $31,879 to $82,079.

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