Identifying a suitable career in business

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Identifying a suitable career in business

The business sector provides students with an almost endless variety of employment opportunities upon graduation from Christian colleges and universities. From finance and marketing to public relations and accounting, the diversity of careers in the business world is truly vast. Individuals considering their next move after completing their business degree should think carefully about choosing a career path that aligns with their faith, interests and passions.

For example, while many graduates of secular colleges and universities seek employment in the financial services sector, men and women of faith may want to pursue a career with a little more meaning. As such, careers with nonprofit organizations are often popular choices for graduates of Christian colleges and universities, as are accounting positions within religious organizations. Just because these groups are often tax-exempt does not mean they have any less of a need for skilled business and management professionals.

Before choosing a career path, or even a business degree program, men and women of faith should identify what is important to them and how they want to apply their skills and passions in the workplace. Praying about how to best use their talents is something that Christian business students may want to do before committing to any decisions, as is carefully considering how they can use their degree to secure a meaningful, satisfying and rewarding career upon graduation.

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