Combining technology skills with business acumen

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Combining technology skills with business acumen

Individuals who are considering earning their master of business administration (MBA) at Christian colleges and universities might be thinking of pursuing careers in the financial services sector. While employment opportunities abound in this field for business graduates, the technology sector is an area often overlooked by MBAs.

Aspiring MBAs may not consider roles such as database administrator to be a good fit for their talents, but combining their knowledge of business with technology skills is an excellent way for graduates to diversify their career prospects. Many ambitious professionals are bringing value to organizations by developing their understanding of not only how databases work, but how they can be used to achieve business objectives.

Careers in database administration are typically well paid, and also provide MBAs with opportunities to enhance their employment prospects as consultants. In today’s business environment, many companies seek individuals who can understand the technical and organizational aspects of their business.

Earning an MBA from a Christian college before embarking on a dynamic career in the technology sector is an ideal way for ambitious, driven individuals to invest in their future and bring value to a company.

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