Students can take a career test before transferring to a new college

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Students can take a career test before transferring to a new college

Before applying to various Christian colleges and universities, it certainly helps for prospective students of faith to have a sense of what type of career they would like to have after graduation, but it is not always necessary. After all, the interests individuals had as freshmen could be completely different toward the end of their senior year.

However, if students are considering transferring to another institution, they may want to have a better idea of what their future profession will be. Individuals may spend one year at a college, realize the setting is not for them and change schools. While this is fine, they may need to transfer again if they finally know what they want to do professionally, but the institution they are now enrolled at cannot meet their academic needs.

It certainly is not uncommon for students to transfer more than once over the course of their collegiate careers. In fact, research from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that 25 percent of students change schools more than once. However, the more individuals switch institutions, the longer it may take them to earn their degree.

If students want to make sure they are transferring to the right Christian university, but are still unsure as to what field they wish to study, they can always take a career test. While no career assessment can tell people what they should do with the rest of their lives, its results can provide a few options based on their personality and interests, according to

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