Christians can nourish the bodies and souls of people in need


Christians can nourish the bodies and souls of people in need

Christian missions organizations work tirelessly to help those in need. From church planting to overseas evangelism, men and women of faith can make a difference in countless ways after graduating from ministry degree programs at Christian colleges and universities. One of the most urgent needs in many parts of the world is that of simple and nutritious food, and individuals with a passion for feeding the hungry can volunteer with missions organizations to help with nutrition ministries.

Christ Himself demonstrated the importance and spiritual significance of providing food for the hungry. The parable of Jesus feeding the multitude can be read in Matthew 14:13-21. This story is particularly noteworthy as it is the only one that was written about by all four of the Gospels. By serving the needs of others, Christian missionaries can demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion while providing much-needed help to less privileged people in developing nations.

Upon earning their ministry degree from a Christian university, believers can work with organizations such as Lifeline Christian Mission as part of initiatives such as the ABC Food Ministry. This vital mission provides aid packages to children and families in countries like Haiti. Many other Christian outreach groups operate similar programs, meaning that men and women of faith with a desire to do the Lord’s work will not have to look far to find a way to demonstrate His love and compassion.

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