Christians can protect wildlife with a criminal justice degree

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Christians can protect wildlife with a criminal justice degree

Some individuals mistakenly assume that earning a degree in criminal justice from a Christian college limits their employment prospects to local law enforcement or the correctional system. While these are popular career paths for graduates of criminal justice degree programs, men and women of faith who want to serve their country and protect the beauty of God’s creation can enroll at Christian colleges and universities to become fish and game wardens.

These professionals work in national parks, game reserves and other areas of public and protected land to ensure that hunters and fishermen adhere to state and federal laws. This can include upholding seasonal hunting restrictions, limiting the number of fish caught from streams and rivers, and protecting wild animals from poachers.

Most states only require fish and game wardens to possess an associate’s degree, but many aspiring professionals choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice to enhance their knowledge and employment prospects.

In addition to making a difference and protecting wildlife, fish and game wardens also earn competitive salaries. Data from PayScale suggests that these professionals can earn up to $67,919 annually.

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