Make studying a breeze with smartphone apps

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Make studying a breeze with smartphone apps

For busy men and women of faith who have to balance their studies with other responsibilities, keeping track of class schedules, assignment deadlines and upcoming examinations can be stressful. Fortunately, a wide range of smartphone applications is available to take some of the guesswork out of studying at Christian colleges and universities.

Scheduling is often one of the biggest problems for individuals who go back to school as adults. For this reason, GeekSugar recommends iHomework as a solution. This inexpensive app makes staying on top of classes, coursework and important dates a breeze, and can be configured to send notification reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Notability is another must-have app for students enrolled at Christian colleges and universities. This innovative software enables users to annotate material found online. Rather than transcribing notes in pen or printing out pages of documents, students can quickly and easily make digital notes on images, text files and more.

According to MSNBC News, Dropbox is another essential download for college students. This remote backup service allows users to store important documents in a centralized virtual location. Students can store their work in the cloud and sync their Dropbox files across multiple devices, meaning they will never leave an assignment at home again.

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