Transfer students should not worry about standardized test scores

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Transfer students should not worry about standardized test scores

For first-time students, their SAT and ACT test scores are very important to their likelihood of being accepted into their dream Christian colleges and universities. However, these scores are not as important for transfer students who are considering enrolling at another institution.

In fact, most Christian colleges and universities are less concerned with the SAT and ACT scores of transfer students. This is due to the fact that many admissions officials view an individual’s actual college experience as a more important factor than standardized test results.

Of course, solid test scores certainly don’t hurt potential transfer students’ likelihood of acceptance, but the more time an individual has spent in college before transferring, the less important their SAT or ACT scores are during the transfer process.

“If a student is transferring after one semester in college or a year, schools usually want the SAT and high school GPA, but the further away from high school, the less schools rely on them,” Deborah Shames, an independent college counselor in New Jersey, told U.S. News and World Report.

Instead of focusing on standardized test scores, prospective transfer students should concentrate on providing admissions officials with positive reasons for their decision to change schools in their statement of purpose, and excelling in their current classes. This is likely to be a much more important factor to a Christian college’s admissions board than SAT or ACT scores.

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