Veterans can make the most of their downtime during active duty

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Veterans can make the most of their downtime during active duty

Individuals with military experience have a wide range of options available to them upon completion of their tour of active duty. Many Christian colleges and universities value veteran students and offer a diverse selection of degree programs catered to these individuals. However, servicemen and women do not need to wait until they return from active duty to begin studying for their degrees, thanks to online education.

The world at their fingertips
One of the key advantages of enrolling in online degree programs at Christian colleges and universities is that armed forces personnel can begin working toward their qualifications before they return from active duty. Many online degrees can be completed on a part-time basis, meaning that servicemen and women can make the most of their downtime and use their free hours to prepare for the transition back to civilian life.

Many Christian colleges and universities make this process simple and straightforward for active service members, as they understand the unique challenges that armed forces personnel face. As an added benefit, servicemen and women can apply their military experience toward course credit through initiatives like the DANTES program, potentially reducing the time it takes to earn their qualifications.

Hitting the ground running
Studying online is an excellent way for military personnel to maximize their chances of securing employment upon completion of active duty. By studying on a part-time basis, servicemen and women can reduce the time it takes to find work in the civilian sector when they return home from the armed forces.

While individuals serving in the military have many options available to them, this does not necessarily mean that they know what they want to do upon completion of their service. Fortunately, a range of resources can be accessed online to provide servicemen and women with the advice, guidance and support they need to make an informed decision about their academic future. Websites such as provide detailed information on financial aid programs like the Montgomery GI Bill, skills calculators to help soldiers evaluate their potential career options, and advice on how to begin the college application process.

Completing an online degree at a Christian university takes time, dedication and perseverance. However, for driven and motivated servicemen and women, doing so could be a valuable investment in their future and an excellent way to make the most of their downtime during active service.

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