Writing an effective statement of purpose

Achieving good grades is not the only thing that prospective transfer students should consider when they are planning to switch to another Christian university. Most colleges will also pay close attention to a student’s statement of purpose. This document can be very important during the college transfer process, and individuals of faith should take great care when preparing their statement.

Writing an effective statement of purpose

Writing an effective statement of purpose

What is a statement of purpose?
This document is a written statement indicating why a student is considering transferring to another institution. It provides individuals with the opportunity to outline their reasons for transferring  in a positive manner and clarifies their intentions with regard to their academic future.

What should transfer students include in their statement?
Prospective transfer students should take great care to highlight their reasons for transferring to another Christian college. This could include changes to their overall career goals or a desire to switch to a major with greater employment prospects.

When writing their statement of purpose, transfer students should emphasize the positive aspects of their decision to transfer to another school. Badmouthing their present college, speaking ill of faculty members or being overly critical of a college’s degree programs are all things that students should avoid mentioning in their statement of purpose.

Instead, prospective transfer students should focus on why switching schools will benefit their education. The statement of purpose should be used as an opportunity to thoughtfully and comprehensively outline why switching schools will benefit their career goals, and can also be a great way for students to highlight any extenuating circumstances that could help admissions officials look upon their transfer application more favorably.

How should a statement of purpose be structured?
Individuals preparing a statement of purpose should begin by outlining the reasons why transferring schools will be beneficial to them and their academic objectives. After explaining why switching to another college is a positive thing, individuals writing their statement of purpose should take a paragraph or two to highlight their achievements at their present school. This section could include details on extracurricular activities to which the student belongs, any awards they have been given and commendations by faculty members.

While it is important for transfer students to achieve solid grades, a well-crafted and thoughtful statement of purpose can significantly enhance an individual’s likelihood of being accepted by their desired Christian university.