Preserve Mother Nature with a degree in criminal justice

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Preserve Mother Nature with a degree in criminal justice

Criminal justice degrees have become very popular with students in recent years. The competitive salaries offered in law enforcement careers are attractive to many individuals, as is the desire to protect and serve their community and country. Some prospective students considering enrolling in a criminal justice degree program at Christian colleges and universities believe that positions with local, state and federal law enforcement are their only options. However, this is not the case. Men and women of faith who want to uphold the law and protect God’s creation can do so by becoming members of the National Park Service.

What do park rangers do?
The rangers of the National Park Service work closely with federal law enforcement agencies to protect areas of natural conservation across the country. While many of the duties expected of park rangers closely resemble those of state and federal law enforcement officials, such as the investigation of illegal activities, others are unique to the position.

Park rangers frequently serve as guides in national parks and work tirelessly to prevent the illegal trapping or poaching of wildlife. These professionals are also typically involved in educating the public in areas such as responsible tourism and fire safety and prevention. Park rangers also assist federal emergency services crews in search and rescue operations in rural areas and enforce firearm regulations in national parks. These individuals usually work closely with fish and game wardens to restrict illegal hunting and fishing in certain areas.

How can a criminal justice degree help aspiring park rangers?
Despite the fact that many responsibilities of a park ranger involve education and conservation, these professionals serve as the primary law enforcement officials in national parks across the country.

Aspiring park rangers must possess a keen understanding of local, state and federal laws before seeking positions with the National Park Service, and should also be well versed in other aspects of criminal justice. Earning a degree in criminal justice from a Christian college is an ideal first step for individuals hoping to work as park rangers.

Some students choose to bolster their knowledge and improve their employment prospects by double majoring in a related field. While criminal justice is an excellent choice of major for aspiring park rangers, complementary fields such as natural resource management, conservation, Earth sciences and public administration are all useful qualifications for park rangers to possess.

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