Veterans should think about the future when choosing a major


Veterans should think about the future when choosing a major

Individuals with military experience often choose to further their careers by enrolling at Christian colleges and universities. While it is important for veterans to leverage their skills in their civilian careers, it is equally important for them to consider the employment prospects for graduates of their chosen major.

According to, many fields are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, including information technology, healthcare, education and human resource management. As a result, individuals planning to pursue a degree in these fields at Christian colleges and universities may find their employment prospects will be much better than graduates of some other majors.

Many companies actively recruit veterans due to their discipline, previous experience and strong work ethic. Organizations such as General Electric and AT&T operate programs enabling veterans to successfully transition from the armed forces into civilian careers. Graduates of Christian colleges and universities may find that such initiatives could be immensely beneficial when the time comes for them to pursue employment opportunities after graduation.

With careful planning and a little forethought, former servicemen and women can embark on exciting careers in a range of sectors, and a degree from a Christian university can open the door to a variety of new opportunities in the civilian sector.

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