Take advantage of visiting students programs before transferring

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Take advantage of visiting students programs before transferring

Oftentimes, when students consider transferring to another Christian college, they do so simply by relying on promotional literature or recommendations from current and former students. One way for prospective transfer students to evaluate potential schools is by enrolling in visiting students programs.

These initiatives provide students with a glimpse of what life is really like at an institution. allowing students to take a limited number of courses on a temporary basis. Some Christian colleges and universities offer these programs for a single semester, while others allow visiting students to stay for up to one academic year. Many schools offering visiting student programs allow candidates to live on campus, sign up for extracurricular activities and take a range of courses that interest them.

Some fields of study are more accepting of visiting students than others. For example, individuals hoping to study medicine at Christian colleges and universities may find that their prospective schools offer more placements for visiting students. In addition, organizations such as the Association of American Medical Colleges often help students identify suitable schools, depending on their major.

Rebecca Joseph, a professor at California State University, told The Huffington Post that visiting student programs sometimes serve as a convenient way for individuals to transfer to their new school. However, not all Christian colleges accept transfer applications from visiting students, so individuals considering this option should research their choices carefully before making any decisions.

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