Christian students should not rely solely on college rankings

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Christian students should not rely solely on college rankings

When men and women of faith begin searching for suitable Christian colleges and universities, they may be tempted to rely on college rankings. While the data contained in these reports can be useful, it should not form the sole basis of their final decision.

Choosing the right Christian university is about more than just how a school is perceived to be performing. While factors such as graduation rates, student retention and the return on investment of a degree are important, men and women of faith should also consider what matters to them as students. For example, a school’s commitment to upholding principles of faith may be more important to some individuals than degree completion data.

“I looked at college rankings, but I can’t say I took them seriously at all,” Samantha Smoak, a junior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, told USA Today. “I really only looked at them because I had a few friends that were.”

According to U.S. News and World Report, some schools have even admitted to reporting falsified information for the sake of college rankings. As a result, men and women of faith looking for the ideal Christian university for them should use college rankings as a guide instead of a definitive indication of a college’s quality.

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