Christian students convene in Missouri for inspirational conference

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Christian students convene in Missouri for inspirational conference

To most believers, their faith is an integral part of their life and sense of identity, making Christian colleges and universities an ideal choice for these individuals. Many men and women of faith will be encouraged by the fact that more than 16,000 Christian students gathered for the opening night of the Urbana Missions Conference in St. Louis to pray for the future of faith in the U.S., according to the Christian Post.

Urbana 2012 is organized by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a youth ministry organization with 900 chapters active at 576 colleges nationwide, from Ivy League schools to community colleges.

The event focuses on the state of Christianity in the U.S. and encourages students to study the Bible and spread Christ’s message of love and forgiveness in their schools and local communities.

“The thing I like about Urbana is this sense of calling to submission to the Lord and how that is expressed,” Alec Hill, InterVarsity’s president and chief executive officer, told the news source. “What I hope to see this week is students responding to the Holy Spirit where they say ‘take me, use me, I’m yours, wherever that is.'”

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about international missions trips and ministering to their local communities until the event concludes with a worship service ending at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

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