Prospective transfer students should consider more than one school


Prospective transfer students should consider more than one school

Many men and women of faith decide that, for whatever reason, they want to transfer to another Christian college. Transferring to another Christian university can be a positive decision for many individuals, but some transfer students only choose one prospective school. Doing so can be risky, as many students end up transferring to other institutions and space may be limited.

According to a recent report by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the transfer rate among students is approximately one in three. This means that competition for available spaces can be intense. If prospective transfer students only apply to one Christian university and their application is declined, they have lost an opportunity to successfully transfer.

Competition for available spaces is particularly fierce at community colleges. The phenomenon of “reverse transferring,” or switching from four-year schools to community colleges, is growing in popularity. As a result, men and women of faith may want to reconsider their decision to reverse transfer and find a more suitable Christian college that meets their academic needs.

As such, prospective transfer students should not limit their applications to a single school. If they are dissatisfied with their current institution, men and women of faith should take the same approach they did when they first began the college application process – identify several potential Christian universities that align with their values and offer the degree program they want at a price they can afford.

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