Transfer students should examine prospective schools’ common data sets


Transfer students should examine prospective schools’ common data sets

Many men and women of faith choose to transfer to another Christian college at some point during their academic lives. While this can be a positive decision for most students, competition for available spaces at the best Christian universities can be intense. As a result, prospective transfer students should look at the common data sets of their prospective colleges.

Most four-year schools across the country carefully collect a range of statistical data about their students and applicants. Many colleges summarize this information in documents known as common data sets. Transfer students may find these data sets particularly useful, as they often contain information on the academic profile of an ideal freshman applicant, admissions criteria, transfer policies and the current student body.

Many Christian colleges and universities make this data available to prospective students through their websites. For example, the common data set of Emory University can be found here.

Common data sets can make the transfer process simpler for students, enabling them to remain focused on their studies and maximize their GPA.

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