Appropriate online presence crucial for college-bound students

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Appropriate online presence crucial for college-bound students

Many schools are turning to social media and the internet in an attempt to learn more about prospective applicants. According to The Associated Press, some colleges are helping students clean up their online presence to avoid giving future employers a negative image.

Increasing numbers of universities are adopting official policies designed to filter out undesirable candidates during the application process. As a result, some schools are helping students clean up their online personas to help them put their best foot forward to improve their postgraduation job search. While many of these initiatives are aimed at individuals approaching graduation, the same principles apply to students hoping to enroll at Christian colleges and universities.

“These students have been comfortable with the intimate details of their lives on display since birth,” Lisa Severy, president-elect of the National Career Development Association, told the news source. “The first item on our ‘five things to do before you graduate’ list is ‘clean up your online profile.”

Students who want to project the very best possible image of themselves to college admissions officials may want to consider using services such as Brand Yourself. This online tool enables users to tailor the results that appear in online searches, promote positive links and take control over what people see when they Google prospective candidates. Services like this could be an essential part of the college application process for students in the digital age.

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